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Vandal-resistant, ligature-resistant sanitary ware and water management systems for public, healthcare and secure environments.

Welcome to Wallgate America!

Wallgate's North American Distributor for Wallgate products.

After 35 successful years in the UK and having already supplied a wide variety of our products to organizations in America, we are now on both sides of the Atlantic - offering vandal-resistant and ligature-resistant bathroom fixtures, water management solutions, and bathroom accessories for commercial, institutional and government restroom/lavatory facilities in Public, Healthcare and Secure Environments.
Wallgate has over 30 years' experience of designing and manufacturing tough, durable vandal-resistant plumbing fixtures and water management systems for Public Environments such as Public Restrooms, Schools, Parks, and Entertainment and Retail facilities worldwide.
The Thrii™ 3-in-1 Hand Wash/Dryer is Wallgate's newest integrated automated hand wash/dryer for public washroom environments.
Wallgate offers a complete line of vandal-resistant wash basins, plus water controls and choice of water activation buttons and sensors for public washroom environments.
MH main350Using the same extremely tough solid surface composite materials, Wallgate manufactures a comprehensive range of vandal-resistant and ligature-resistant Toilets and Toilet Flushing Packages, Lavatory Basins, Showers and Baths and more for Secure Facilities such as Mental Health Institutions, Correctional Facilities, Court Buildings, Juvenile Detention Centers and Immigration Centers.
Together with highly durable fixtures designed to normalize the restroom environment Wallgate provides extensive water management systems, which offer very significant water supply and waste savings together with comprehensive user control.
Hygiene and Vandal-Resistance
In addition to water savings and energy savings, Wallgate's well-known combination Handwasher/Dryers such as the Thrii™ 3-in-1 Hand Wash/Dryer are also used to prevent abuse, to keep washrooms clean and neat, and to avoid infection.
Wallgate America is the exclusive distributor of Wallgate products in North America. Please contact Wallgate America to discuss your needs.


Public Restrooms

Durable, practical and cost-effective Wallgate sanitary ware maximizes hygiene while minimizeing operating costs in public and commercial washrooms.


Healthcare Washrooms

Wallgate sanitary ware helps create a safe but normal environment for patients within mental health units and hospitals, whilst managing water systems to help protect against bacteria growth.


Secure Washrooms

Highly durable washrooms and bathrooms with vandal-resistant and ligature-resistant features to protect the safety, security and well-being of mental health patients, detainees and prisoners.